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#RecordedLIVE Presents: Megan D

A monthly blog showcasing upcoming Artists #RECORDEDLIVE at Mr. BANG! Studios.


After releasing her debut EP ‘Out in the Ocean’ and follow up single 'Holding On' in 2018 (produced by Billy Kennedy and Andy Monaghan of Frightened Rabbit) Glasgow based singer-songwriter Megan D has flipped the conventions of a touring musician on its head in 2019. Taking up residency in a new city each month across the UK, she’s grown pockets of dedicated local following in various places with her unique style of bittersweet folk music with an uncanny rapport with audiences and passion for free gender expression and LGBT rights.

Megan D - "Save Me A Seat"

What are you listening to right now?

"I am totally obsessed with Christine and the queens at the moment. I loved her first album and now I’m equally obsessed with the second one, I have it on consistently in the car. Also big into an English duo called Ida Mae, I saw them play at Doune the Rabbit hole as they were on the same stage as me and they were incredible."

Who would your dream collaboration be with? (Past or present)

"My favourite singer/songwriter has always been John Mayer. I would love to write something with him. He is also an incredible guitarist so it would be amazing to have him play on one of my tunes. If anyone has an in, please do get in touch."

Megan D - "Holding On"

Where was your first ever gig and where is your dream venue to play?

"My first ever gig was at Electric Circus in Edinburgh (R.I.P) when I was 15 which was a pretty big one for a first gig. Before this I had done quite a lot of busking so I thought I was pretty prepared but still managed to forget all my words, fall on to (?!) the stage and break a string. Despite the fact I messed up on almost every front, I had an amazing time. Everyone told me I was great (because I was wee and cute obviously) and I thought it was a massive success. My dream venue is King Tuts in Glasgow, I have played support gigs there before and they have all been amazing. I would love to do a headline show there one day."

When did you start writing original music?

"I started writing at 15, I used to write songs every day when I got home from school, mostly to avoid doing my homework."

Megan D - "Out In The Ocean"

Why did you decide to pursue music?

"I decided to pursue music after the first gig that I did. I love writing songs and playing music so I think I will always be doing it to some degree. Whether I make any money from it or not is a different question, but I’ll always do it."

"Save Me A Seat" is OUT NOW on all of your favourite platforms!

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Megan D


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